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Are you a top Beverage sales & marketing professional in the process of assessing your own career path, thinking about making a career change, or actively searching for a great opportunity? If so, we'd like to get to know you. As a premium provider of sales acceleration services to leading companies, we're always looking for talented people for our clients. We're dedicated to building long-term relationships with “A” Players for direct hire. Whether you're a seasoned sales and marketing executive, a manager or a front-line producer, chances are we will be able to effectively assist you in your career development.

                    It's Easy to Get Started With The McDermott Network

                          Call us at (434) 591-1444    Email us at

Just send us your resume and we'll enter it into our confidential database. Upon receipt, you will receive an email confirmation and a call from one of our partner recruiters to discuss your career objectives. We'll follow up with you once we match your skill set with a current opening. The McDermott will never submit your resume to a potential employer without discussing the opportunity with you first.

What The McDermott Network Can Do For You

  • We will assess your skills and ambitions and then provide you with a real-world plan to enact your career change goals.
  • Unique in the industry, you will be working directly with your private career change consultant. This is a hands-on, individual approach catered to your personal needs.
  • A key component is the offer negotiation coaching, optimizing your new compensation package. We will walk you through a line-by-line review of the offer in a round table review with our consulting team to ensure a win/win outcome.
  • We coach you on how to separate yourself effectively in an interview situation. We will demonstrate how to present your value proposition strongly and succinctly, to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.
  • Once The McDermott Network helps you land your new position, our job has just begun. Career management is what most people ignore and is our specialty.
  • We offer a resume writing service to assist you with your professional profile
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